Climate Change and Public Engagement: Professional Development Training

The FSE Centre for Learning and Teaching organised a 3-day professional development training (Jan 15-17) in Groningen to disseminate the findings of the EU-Erasmus+ project STAGE. As part of the training, 30 scientists from the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, and the Czech Republic received training on issues related to science communication and (mis)trust in science, teaching/learning about climate change, engaging the public with concepts related to sustainability through infographics, popular science writing, social media posts, and science cafes.

Prof. Lucy Avraamidou, from the University of Groningen, and Dr. Betzabe Torres Olave, from the University of Leeds, delivered a keynote speech called “Imaging sustainable just futures: The role of science communication”, and one of the highlights of the training was the introduction of the E-Learning platform and participation in a pilot testing.

For more information about the project, you can visit the project’s website here.

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