STAGE addresses current and urgent needs of European countries:

  • the decline of interest towards science
  • a developing distrust in science
  • the need to tackle the climate change crisis
  • the importance of reflecting how to deal with multi-inter-trans-disciplinary topics like climate change

In attempting to address these needs, the project adopts a gender inclusivity approach, by not only targeting the engagement of women scientists in the training but by also designing gender-inclusive materials for public engagement with science

15 key readings

… related to public engagement with science (including the multi-inter-trans-disciplinary nature of topics like climate change) as well as the value of enacting gender inclusive practices.

50 practical resources

… that aim at skills’ development ranging from writing for popular science magazines, to giving public talks and engaging with social media in the context of climate change.

75 best-practices examples

… of different forms of public engagement on climate change to promote understanding on the causes, effects, and possible ways of addressing the issue.
Materials related to four main results.

STAGE is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European

Union. Grant agreement No. 2021-2-NL01-KA220-HED-000048944

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