STAGE will deliver four main results:

STAGE toolkit will support scientists and science communicators in merging the perspectives of science & communication for adopting best practices for public engagement in science, through:

15 key readings related to public engagement with science (including the multi-inter-trans-disciplinary nature of topics like climate change) as well as the value of enacting gender inclusive practices.


50 practical resources that aim at skills’ development ranging from writing for popular science magazines, to giving public talks and engaging with social media in the context of climate change.

75 best-practices of different forms of public engagement on climate change to promote understanding on the causes, effects, and possible ways of addressing the issue.


This free, week-long, professional training aims to support 100 scientists (20 per partner) in developing the knowledge and skills needed for engaging public with science, especially in the context of climate change.

A complete suite of interactive, digital infographics will be designed: indeed, they provide a contemporary and efficient approach to engaging the public with science through data visualization.

The e-Learning space will serve as a one-stop shop providing instant access to the full suite of gamified digital learning resources.

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